2011 Albariño’s Festival poster and image of the typical cart in the early years of the party

The tradition of a passion

This wine “Ramón Peña” was the result of the enthusiasm and passion for the good work, to keep the tradition of slow development, for monitoring, care for and pamper the soil as we have been taught for generations, which leads to develop a special and different wine . For us unique.

Most historians claim that were the monks of Cluny who brought to the Monastery of Armenteira the first strains of Albariño. Precisely in the lands near the monastery, sitting at the foot of Mount Castrove which defines the Salnes Valley to the coast,  lies the farm ” O Coruxo ” main nutrient broth with which we label our wine ” Ramon Peña “.

The Peña family has several generations extracting and selecting the best of our sea and land . Our family relationship with Albariño wine goes back many years ago when Mr Jose Peña, canning and grandfather of my children, cared with all his dedication the Castrelo and Cambados (Pontevedra, Spain) plantations.

Later in his stage as the mayor of Cambados (1951-1957), Albariño’s formal capital, he instituted the Feastival of Albariño. The first edition was held in 1953, with Mr José Peña being one of his mentors and ” giving all kinds of favors and protections to the competition .” Mr José Peña contributed both from the municipality and on his own since the first octopus, mussels first , and the first xoubas pies were also products coming out of his own factory.

In 1956, during his time as mayor, the City Council took over Cambados institutional organization of this party, which until then had been developed in the private sector, being a “Xuntanza” among friends who gathered to compare and extol the best wines of each harvest and only after the jury’s verdict, gathered around a good table and celebrated a meal . Over the years the party was declared of National Tourist Interest, and today is considered the oldest wine festival in Galicia and the second of Spain.

Years later, his son Ramon continued the tradition and gave way to the commercialization of the grape with the creation of a winery and personally involved in the development of the designation of origin “Rias Baixas” (D : O: Rias Baixas) .

Nowadays, the old cannery in Cambados is Jose Peña’s Congress Hall and Exhibitions that contains within its walls an auditorium and nearly a century of history, where tastings and eno- gastronomic workshops linked to the world of wine and gastronomy are held.

Today is our turn to also transmit this tradition and passion to new generations. We care and selected grapes with the same respect and affection inherited.

Signed: Nely Concheiro

Ramón Peña with the image of his father Jose Peña in the office of the old cannery, which today is the José Peña’s Congress Hall and Exhibition in Cambados (Pontevedra, Spain)

Eating at the Parador de Cambados during the Albariño’s festival in 1972